Woody Harrelson turned a night of honoring Javier Bardem
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Such a cute article about the great friends and co-stars Woody Harrelson and Javier Bardem. A big congratulation to Javier for his Screen Actors Guild Award, he truly deserved it for his fantastic role in No Country for Old Men! And the article also shows us that it’s official that Pen?? ??lope and Javier is an item :wink:

Some cute quotes from Woody Harrelson, from People Magazine:

“When I first met Javier, he was doing some funny thing with his voice, and I realized at the SAG Awards… he’s Spanish!” cracked Harrelson. “I always thought he was Mexican. No, I’m kidding. I thought he was Argentine.”

“I can’t believe the luck this guy has,” continued Harrelson. “You look at his bio, and one page is just describing his journey and then the second page is just all of the awards he’s won …. And not to mention, I found this out last night, too ???  ?? ? S he’s going out with Penelope Cruz.

“Seriously, you’re sitting in the presence of one of the greatest actors alive, but of course this award is not for me,” Harrelson quipped, then turned serious. “Josh Brolin did say to me that he thought Javier was one of the greatest actors alive, and I’d be hard pressed to disagree with that statement. …It’s a privilege to have worked with you and it’s a privilege to be your friend. Congratulations on this award.”

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  1. setts, February 2, 2008:

    Woody….!!This is not good….Bad news……..Javier…no…no you don’t…..Dangerous ground……………………

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