At the Berlin Film Festival
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So are things getting back to normal? I just bought a dedicated server and the sites will get moved this weekend I was told by my host so a little downtime while the sites are being moved and then it should be more stable then ever. I have had lots of bad things happening in my life and I haven’t been focusing on site stuff – well I couldn’t even if I had tried. But I hope things will get better and I wanted to give you these wonderful new photos of Pen?? ??lope at the Berlin Film Festival. Enjoy!

- February 11 – Checking in at Tegel airport
- Berlin Film Festival: ‘Elegy’ Press Conference
- Berlin Film Festival: ‘Elegy’ Premiere

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Posted By: Vanessa

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  1. Filip, February 14, 2008:

    I’m so glad to see the site back! I’m hoping you’re feeling better about everything now, that’s what really matters.

    Penélope looked great at the festival! :heart:

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  2. Mycah, February 14, 2008:

    So happy the site is back and updates are too! I need my Pe fix! hehe!

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  3. JD101, February 17, 2008:

    Yay! You’re back! I’ve missed my regular Penelope fix while your wonderful site was down.

    I hope things calm down in your real life too. Take care.

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