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Admin Note: A ton of images will be added today while I’m at work of Penelope partying at the Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party. She looked equally stunning there as she did at the Oscars telecast.

I wanted to talk to some of my best online visitors here at Penélope Fan to promote my site (it’s been open for months now) which is still in the developmental stages. Freida Pinto is a former model-turned actress in her feature film debut, Slumdog Millionaire, where she plays the elder Latika. I first took notcie of this stunning actress back in November while she was in California promoting, ‘Slumdog’ with Dev Patel (Co-star, Jamal) and immediately started a site for her. I lacked motivation for quite some time which is why we are still dveloping a look, but it’s picked me right back up and I’m updating the gallery like crazy. So, want to join me in making FPF the largest site on the web, the same way you’ve helped me with Penélope?

Freida Pinto Fan | The Photo Archive

So click the links above to direct you to the main site and image gallery.

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  1. ryan, March 15, 2009:

    I LOVE YOUR PENELOPE CRUZ SITE! but i don’t like Frieda Pinto at all!! i think she is overrated, over-exposed, a mediocre actress who was in slumdog for like 5 minutes!! She hasn’t proved anything. Don’t take this personally, but i have had enough of Frieda Pinto overload.

    I won’t be visiting your Frieda Pinto site, but i definitely will be visiting the Penelope Cruz site.

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